Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sleek Medium HairCut 2011

The sleek look is a favorable addition to medium hairstyles that gets really trendy every now and then and here Rachel McAdams shows a very close fitting one that frames the facial area to almost a max. The layered cut features dark, shiny hair that falls down and trims against the face down to the shoulders. The wide fringe masks most of the forehead and brings out the eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips as the hairstyle does not have many flashy features. This sleek hairstyle does its job of covering up key areas, keeping the hairstyle simple, and creating an alluring look. The hairstyle is not hard to style either and a round brush or flat iron can really help create this look. Adding the sleek look to a medium cut and combining this with a fringe definitely creates flattering hairstyles lots of women will love.

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