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Best Hairspray Techniques 2011

Best Hairspray Techniques 2011

Women just can do away with hairspray. It has become the most vital tool for any hairstyle. One of the main reasons is that it is due to the fact the hairspray can hold many types of hairstyles in place. Hairsprays used to be very harsh for the hair. It may cause dryness and flakiness in the scalp area. In addition to all of these, hairsprays have the notoriety of having clogging formulas that it was sometimes difficult to spray it. But now, it is more hair-friendly and it comes in many varieties from soft hold to tough. Use specific hairspray for your specific needs, like a volumizing spray when you need to volumize your hair.

Since holds have been mentioned, strong hold is used for hairstyles that may require for a all-day hold such as up-dos, for example, those used for the wedding. Medium hold is used for a structured style but not as strong as that during a wedding. On the other hand, low hold is used when straight hairstyles are used. They have nothing but to have hold in them.

If you want a naturally looking style without the clumps some ahirspray may have, instead of spraying directly onto the hair, spray it on the bristles of the brush, then brush into the hair. Mist the hair with a little bit of hairspray to keep the style in hold.
When you want to keep the strays at bay, after spraying the hair, run you palms over the hair to keep it in place. Avoid having sticky hair by not overdoing it. Over use of the product makes the hair sticky. Having too stiff a hair or clumping, do not apply hair spray right after you have mist your hair with the spray. Wait for a few seconds so the formula has dried or absorbed by the shaft.

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