Saturday, October 8, 2011

Medium Curly Haircut 2011

Got crazy natural curls? Use them to your advantage! Keep it layered and a little shorter to control the overall shape. When you hit the salon for your trim, ask your stylist for a just-above-the-shoulder length with medium to long layers that are just a bit shorter around the face. To make the most of the style, ask for subtle highlights. This will make your hair glow and look amazing! It’s totally worth the extra investment. They don’t have to be all over your head, just strategically placed throughout the top part of your hairstyle.

When styling at home, use curl enhancing products to keep the curls nice and clean. Before you blow it dry with your diffuser, add a little volumizing mousse or other volumizing product to keep it from falling flat. While diffusing, wrap individual curls around your finger to help control the shape and create soft curls with great staying power. Once it’s dry, use a one-inch curling iron to touch up the outer layers of curls and give your style a polished look. To open up the look of the style and your face, sweep the front part into a loose twist just off to one side then secure with bobby pins. You can also do a very short braid to add some interesting texture.

Make the style last a little longer and keep more condition in your hair by adding a page-boy hat the second day. Your hair will look better on the ends from not being washed every day and the hat will cover up your roots if there is any extra oiliness there. You can also pin up the back to make it look like your hair is in a fun, loose bun by loosely pulling back the outer layers of curls and pinning them toward the nape. Tuck in a fun hair accessory and pull the bangs back with a double headband and you’re rocking out like a celeb! If you get bored with the natural curls, you can still add product to loosen the curls and make your hair more wavy than curly. Use a large curling iron or even a flat iron to soften your natural curls without losing all the body. Embrace your curls and make the most of them - they’re finally back in style! 

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