Saturday, October 8, 2011

Best Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces 2011

Medium hairstyles can look great on round faced women, especially by adding a little volume using products from Garnier or TRESemme, gradual layers dispersed evenly around the face, and playful bangs. There are many great women out there with round shaped faces and great medium hairstyles. Part 1 of the series focuses on 3 great ones from some top celebrities and a salon creation.

Kelly Clarkson's Medium Hairstyle

Kelly Clarkson can usually be seen with a variety of different hairstyles from short to medium length. The following image of Kelly might not be the best medium hairstyle for her but was chosen for its simplicity and overall look. This medium hairstyle uses a little volume and gradual layers to frame the face nicely, making the face appear slimmer and bringing more attention to the eyes and rest of the main facial area. The shorter layers are used nicely to frame the face while the longer ones provide an extra boost to the look. Overall, a very good medium length hairstyle for women with round face shapes.

Calista Flockhart's Medium Hairstyle

Since her days on Ally McBeal, Calista has provided some gorgeous looks from everything from photo shoots to magazine covers to award appearances. Calista has a very pretty face that shows up well with medium hairstyles that frame the facial area. She has donned many great medium hairstyles and the following image is a drop in the bucket. The medium hairstyle here uses light layering with hair simply parted down the middle. The shorter layers frame the face and other layers are allowed to fall down. Variations of this hairstyle include side swept bangs or curling the ends outwards. This medium hairstyle is very versatile and flattering to round face shapes.

Medium Bob Hairstyle

This medium hairstyle is a great option for round faces as it helps take attention away from wide facial shapes. The hairstyle is cut much like a bob but extended much longer and it is this length that helps soften the entire look. The color is a vibrant, rich chestnut shade that many women favor. The hairstyle is low maintenance, easy to style, and with the length it can be grown out more or cut for shorter hairstyles. This is a fantastic job by the Brown Aveda Institute.

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