Friday, October 14, 2011

USC Football Statistics

Are you one of those who like to watch almost every game in college football? To make sure you know that one of the most interesting numbers in college football is the statistic of USC Trojans. The Trojans have winning streaks and shown many improvements in their numbers during recent years. Almost every year the Trojans have managed to deliver a satisfactory, except in 2003. Since then, the Trojans have managed to overcome their own cards from previous years. As shown in the statistics for USC football that saw a drop in 2003, senior figures from 2002, but have managed to recover a good number in the following year.

The evolution and changes in the USC football statistics have attracted the attention of most football fans especially sports bettors every football game. USC statistics show that all the possibilities that could happen in every game of football. The consistency of the individual player statistics from USC shows a college football team strong. However, the team's statistics usually show results that differ according to their opponents and venue of the games. Whether at home or abroad, which affects performance. Sports bettors rely on these figures and the conditions to determine which team can place their bets.

When we talk about USC football statistics in this article, we refer to the figures of the USC Trojans. There are two teams in college football in NCAA Division IA that uses the name of the USC, the Trojans of Southern California playing in the Pacific Ten Conference and Gamecocks South Carolina in the Southeastern Conference. To avoid confusion, we noted the use of statistics from the USC Trojans.

The study of football statistics including statistics USC football is not limited to sports bettors. The other teams, especially teams that usually face the Trojans during the removal or the end of the conference will also examine these figures and numbers. Trojan players and their coach also devote more time to review their own statistics. Through their statistics can identify their weaknesses and can solve problems that have been committed in their previous game. Thus making the same mistake again in his next game. They can also evaluate the development of your team through its annual statistics and team ranking. Like what happened in 2006 statistics. His stats for 2006 fell and was almost the same performance 2003. In the fall of 2006 turnovers identified as the main cause of the fall. That forced a ball into some of his opponents that led to lower races and points for their team.

When talking about USC VSLA Arizona State history in football usually thinks of the USC - Arizona State football programs that have nothing in common. USC is dominant and has 11 national football championships to its name. Arizona State unfortunately for them have no college football championships. Arizona State football history pales in comparison to the amount of USC football national championships.

Recent history has shown the USC can not take any PAC-10 team lightly, however. Despite having a record of 09.04.58 entering its game with the state of Oregon in the 2008 season, they lost 27-21. Oregon State has beaten USC three of the last five times in Reser Stadium in Corvallis, and the last two consecutive games. USC would probably prefer not to play there again.

As for Arizona State, however, have a 9-15 record against USC. They beat the first time USC played in the conference in 1978 so he probably expected more of the same this weekend. I do not think it will happen. Last year, ASU had a higher ranking than USC in this game and still had a pounding. While the Trojans took a heavy defeat in the State of Oregon, have now recovered from that and looks good Mark Sanchez at quarterback, although he may lose this weekend due to injury. The Sun Devils allowed three touchdown passes last week, his offense is even worse and is on a streak of three consecutive defeats. Is likely to do battle like any PAC-10 team does against USC football freaks, but not enough to win. The key will be USC's defense to close its staggering offensive.

Therefore, my USC football preview for this week is a convincing victory, but not a knock. The past in the history of USC vs Arizona State ASU shows that actually has one of the best records in college football games. However, I think USC are not putting enough guard right now. Wait for later in the season for that. Even without Mark Sanchez, they are at home and their defense is needed for their opponents.

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