Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bone Straight Hair Bone for Winter 2011 Hairstyles

Bone Straight Hair Bone for Winter 2011 Hairstyles

It seemed like big voluminous beachy waves were essentially the beauty version of the boyfriend jean when it came to hair trends, but today’s designers are moving away from this trend. What do fashion designers have to do with beauty trends you ask? You will find that when you see runway collections highlighted through fashion week or high fashion profiles, that the beauty side of collection trends is always very carefully calculated. Fashion designers today are very careful...and selective...about what they want their models to look like, and the beauty portion of any fashion collection plays just as much a role in the show as the clothes themselves. While Hollywood starlets are great at inspiring beauty trends, they too get their inspiration from the runways themselves. So what is going on with hair this Winter 2010-2011?

If you have been spending the summer enjoying the low maintenance that comes with tousled air dried waves from the beach, you will want to clock a little more time in the a.m. to achieve this look...unless you are blessed with naturally straight hair. Hair guru to the runway collections, Ted Gibson, has found that more Fall runways than not have seen bone straight hair, and he achieved this look when working the runways himself for J Mendel and Vena Cava Fall 2010 shows.

Smooth and straight hair will complement any look, and you want the silky shiny look that comes with bone straight hair.

To get this 2011 Hairstyles look, you will use your flat iron a little differently. Create a center part on washed hair and blow dry using the upside down method. Rather than going with small, finer sections to iron, Gibson says put as much as you can in the iron if you want a voluptuous look.

You also want to pin sections on top, flat iron your bottom sections first, and then let your top layers fall down. The more hair you iron at once, the more voluminous your mane will be, and it will also shave some precious getting ready time off in the morning.

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