Saturday, October 8, 2011

Medium Summer Haircut 2011

Medium Summer Hairstyle - Bob

The first medium hairstyle we found great for summer is this simple layered bob that should go well with most highlights and lowlights. The hairstyle is cut so the front section can be swept over the face much like how bangs are used. The ends are allowed to flow down with natural curves. The dark blonde color is also a fine selection for the summer. A very nice look for summer.
How to Achieve This Style:
This hairstyle requires a unique cut. Styling requires parting the hair off-center and brushing the hair towards the face. For a solid finish, using a flat iron to seal the ends can be used.

Medium Hairstyle - Flairing Ends

This is a great summer hairstyle as well but provides more flair as the ends are flicked outwards. The bangs are swept to one side and the layers are given definition with the flicks at the ends. The mix of highlights and lowlights really creates a nice hairstyle.
How to Achieve This Style:
Apply volumizing hair care product and brush the tresses to flow downward in an angle. Apply styling cream to sweep bangs to one side. Lightly curl the ends using brush or curling iron and finish with a no frizz hold spray if necessary. If the hair will not flick out, apply some gel and combing it through to create the curl may help.

Medium Summer Hairstyle - Beachy Curls

This hairstyle features beachy curls combined with swept bangs perfect a day out or at the beach. The curls here are small and loose and the color is rich with highlights added for a flattering look.
How to Achieve This Style:
Apply volumizing creme to roots and use a round brush through the hair from roots to the ends, rolling under as you go. Use a small barrel curling iron and wrap the tresses three fourths the way up and create small, loose curls. Tousle the hair and finish off we a pump spray.

Medium Summer Hairstyles

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