Saturday, October 8, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Hair Goes On Tour

If fans can’t have the real thing, they’ll setting for his hair.  The Biebster’s hair is touring the US is a special glass box.  The purpose of the Bieber Hair Tour is to raise money for the victims of Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami.  Biebs underwent a much publicized haircut and then proceeded to present some clippings to Ellen Degeneres on her show.

The talk show hostess proceeded to put The Biebster’s hair on eBay where is was sold for many thousands of dollars.   Both Bieber and Degeneres signed the sealed box containing the precious hair cargo.

Now the famous hair locks of the 17 year old singing sensation which are contained in the sealed box is touring America.  Fans can have their photo taken with the box of Bieber’s hair in return for a charitable donation for Japan.

Ironically, because of the high value of the hair, Bieber’s hair has a dedicated bodyguard.  That’s right, although the Biebster is currently on his Never Say Never tour in Europe, his hair is on tour with a bodyguard in the US.

Fans are lining up to see the hair and are reportedly thrilled at the opportunity to be photographed with Bieber’s hair.

The Canadian singer has also recently lent his vocal talents to a charity album, with proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross.

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