Saturday, October 8, 2011

haircut 2011 : Short Sexy Hairstyles

When it comes to short hairstyles that are both cute and sexy, the three celebrities here have it down to the very last strand. Each cut has a different style for the different facial features as well as attitude each one exudes out.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has looked beautiful in long, medium, and short length hair and this is just one example of many. This short hairstyle is a very vibrant cut that brings out her eyes and other facial features below the forehead. The hairstyle is a chin length layered bob styled off center and brushed along the facial lines. This short hairstyle can look good on all facial shapes as bob hairstyles are generally more flattering than other hairstyles.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was first known for her beautiful long hairstyles but added medium and short length hairstyles to her collection and this one is a very sexy, formal look. The hairstyle uses volume and curls to create an eye catching look and combined with the bangs makes it a flattering choice for many women to copy. By looking at her entire look, attention is brought to the eyes with the use of the bangs and the curls compliment her cheek bones.
Katie Holmes short hairstyle

Celebrities with short hair

Victoria Beckham has very unique facial features that allow her to look sexy in hairstyles in various lengths. This short cropped cut is not a hairstyle that will look good on everybody because it really opens up the facial are. Many facial shapes will not fit the cut as well as it opens the forehead area along with the rest of the face. She somehow, makes the short cut into a very great look where other girls would kill the hairstyle. The hairstyle is just a close cut, crop that is brushed forward from the crown and styled to bring focus mainly to the eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Overall this is a very sexy hairstyle that opens up the facial feature and neckline.

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