Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Short Winter Haircut

You’ve got the attitude, the style, and the confidence – now all you need is the perfect haircut! If you’re sassy, independent, outgoing, lower maintenance and/or in need of a new style, here are some perfect options for this winter season.

This girl just can’t get any more gorgeous! Keira Knightley rocks the short haircut. The angles of her face make the shape of this haircut perfect for her. Very chic and European. It’s not TOO short, but short enough to make life a little easier while displaying her personality and lifestyle. To get a similar look, invest in a great blow dryer and round brush (medium size brush should do it). After hair is almost completely dry, use the round brush to smooth the ends while wrapping them underneath. Using a thermal spray will help lock in the style as you go. Perfect trick for a girl-on-the-go!

Platinum blonde is a fantastic color for winter, but it does take a lot of maintenance and isn’t the best option for everyone. Having an idea of what’s most important to you (like length, color, hair health, etc) is a productive use of your time before you go to the salon. If you visit your hair stylist with a specific picture or color swatch, it helps them know what you have in mind and what your expectations are for the finished style. Pictures ARE worth a thousand words. And in this case, the prep work of finding one (or a few) will probably save you a lot of consultation time, too. Make sure you understand what it will take to maintain before you commit to this shade of blonde for the winter season.

Keep short hair sleek for special occasions. Just because your hair is short, doesn’t mean you have to lose out on variety! The styling time is a lot shorter but hair still looks classy and upscale for any event. Pair it up with a suit for the office, then after work toss on your party dress you’re ready to go out! If you’re prone to fuzzy ends, carry a mini-flat iron to do touch-ups here and there. A travel sized hairspray in your purse can be a life saver, too!

Looking for an edgy style that still looks feminine? Try this deep part with side swept bangs. And if you’re hair doesnt already have highlights and/or lowlights, get some! The color variation actually gives this style a little more dimension than there would be if hair was all one color. Young, fresh and a little bit sassy. Perfect!

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