Saturday, October 8, 2011

Medium Length Layered Haircut 2011

If you've been wanting a change and don't know exactly what you want, talk to your stylist about getting a medium length cut. There are different lengths within that description, so make sure the two of you understand each other. Tell them where you want the back to hit your neck when you're looking straight ahead, then make sure that's where you're looking when they make the first cut. Talk about the length of the layers and what you want to do with them. Do you want to curl them or flat iron them, round brush them or let them air dry into natural curls? How you want to style your hair may affect the way they cut it for you. Also make sure they understand your expectations for bangs, face framing or nothing at all shorter around your face. If you expect to have side swept bangs, tell them that. Want blunt? Ask them what they think that means so you're on the same page.

medium wavy hair styles

If you want the best result possible, get your color freshened up. Color can make or break a haircut, so consider the condition and color of your hair at the end of summer before you head back to school or work. Washed out hair won't look much better short than it did long - it will still look washed out. Have your stylist choose a couple of color combinations for you to choose from. They may find some that you never would have considered, and their opinion should be unbiased, so you know they are choosing what is best for you. Also get maintenance tips from your stylist while you are waiting for the color to process or while they are cutting your hair.

wavy medium haircut

Add volumizing mousse for extra body and a little root boost to keep those layers up when hair is still damp. Use a round brush to smooth the hair and a flat iron to make the ends look polished after the hair is dry. If your hair normally looks a little dry when blow drying and flat ironing, get a product that helps smooth like Slick Works from Paul Mitchell. You'll get amazing shine, but your hair will be protected in the process.

Add a hair accessory like a gem studded brooch or flower for a special occasion. If you're going shopping, toss in a headband or two. It's trendy and will help keep your hair out of your face so you can find better deals!

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