Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Art of Hair Layering

Layer adds grace and elegance to any hair length- short, medium or long. It not only enhance the texture and volume of the hair it also has a softening effect on the contours of the face. If you are contemplating having a new hairstyle, why don’t you consider having it layered and discover how it can add a new dimension to your hair and looks as well as transform an otherwise boring hair to an interesting and exciting head of hair. But before rushing to your hairdresser you should learn first some facts about hair layering.

Layers look best on wavy or straight long hair. Stylists just love to layer this type of hair. Give your stylist a free hand and they will surely do themselves proud. Most stylists will layer the top part of the hair with short layers that gradually increase in length as they progress downwards. If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, this style of layering will help heighten the waves of your hair giving it a fuller body as they cascade down. The advantage of this hairstyle, aside from giving you that very femininely flirtatious look, is its easy styling and maintenance. Now if your hair is long and straight, this style of layering will give fullness and volume to your hair. When side layered hair is comb to frame the face, its effect is the softening of the contours of the face. This layered hairstyle is great for camouflaging a strong square jaw.
When thin or flat hair is layered properly, the hair will acquire added volume and body. Layering is not right for very curly hair since with layering, the curls will be inclined to tighten more. But giving the curly hair longer and fewer layers that tapers towards the bottom of the hair will do wonders for very curly hair

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