Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pretty Looks in wedding hairstyle 2011

There's absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a style that's classic and timeless. Opt for a style that is swept up and has curl but that is not extreme or harsh.

Beach Bridal Hair

You know you have to have a beach wedding, or at least have the reception at the beach, with this style! The curls add a more formal look to an otherwise laid-back, chill style.

High Class Bride(smaid) Hairstyle

This smooth and full style is perfect for a bride or a bridesmaid! If you're choosing this one for your wedding day, have different options for your bridal party. You don't want to match them exactly!

Trendy Braids

A classic style with a modern twist; braids are a great way to break up the texture of a style without having to completely change your look. It should be easy enough for your stylist to pop in a couple of braids to weave around and spruce up that wedding-day hairstyle.

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