Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nicole Kidman with half updo hairstyle

Many women will want to go with this style because it is not only beautiful but a viable choice for many facial shapes. This half-updo looks perfect on Nicole Kidman and the way the hair elements combine is almost flawless. Starting at the front with a side swept bangs that cover the forehead area and the little curls at the end are a nice touch. The long locks are wavier at the ends for a nice compliment. The hair is pinned a little bit below the crown with some hanging tendrils flowing out for a great touch. This is definitely one of the top choices for half-updos.

These are a few ideas for wearing a half-updo and there are many more including those more fitting for weddings. For those women who want a change from the long, straight hairstyle or fancy updo, the half updo is definitely an option that will not only fill in but create a unique, defining look.

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